How to Reduce Water Usage in the Pulp and Paper Industry

How to Reduce Water Usage in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Without water—and lots of it—manufacturing pulp and paper would be all but impossible. Water usage in the pulp and paper industry is needed in almost every part of the process, whether the facility is digesting wood chips, making fiber slurries, or washing the machinery and rollers. Despite there being great progress over the years, increasing … » Read More

How Can You Reduce Water Used in Electrical Generation?

Electrical generation plants are among the heaviest water users industrially, second only to agriculture. As public concern for water scarcity continues to grow, power plants can expect to see new regulations targeting their use of water, as well as increasing costs for sourcing and discharging water. To stay viable in the long term, electrical generation … » Read More

Why Your Industrial Facility Should Plan for Water Shortages Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re up to speed on water treatment industry news, you likely already know water shortages are increasingly the topic of conversation. According to the world water development report released by the United Nations in 2018,“more than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and . . . with a rapidly growing global … » Read More

Industry and Water Shortages: Is Your Facility Ready?

As water accessibility continues to shift and industry water shortages increase, most industrial facilities will need to adapt in some way. Water-intensive industries, in particular—such as the agriculture, food and beverage, and energy industries—will need to be the most resourceful, but the likelihood continues to increase that any industry could be affected. In areas where … » Read More

Five Ways Your Industrial Facility Can Conserve Water and Plan Ahead for Shortages

Environmental and water scarcity issues are expected to impact industrial facilities increasingly in the coming years, driving up both sourcing and discharge costs. To conserve water and prepare for these future challenges, many industrial facilities are beginning to look at water conservation strategies. In this post, we’ll explore “Five Ways Your Industrial Facility Can Conserve … » Read More

Can Your Facility Save Money by Reducing Its Water Consumption?

Historically, water has been widely available for industrial use at a low cost. But that’s changing. As global demand increases, so, too, has the looming issue of water scarcity. Whether spurred by rising costs, consumer demand for environmental responsibility, or by increasingly restrictive water use limits and regulations, many industrial facilities are beginning to adopt … » Read More