SAMCO’s patented processes offer innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry

  Along with maximizing petroleum yields, oil producers are challenged to make effective use of resources in order to keep costs down and stay in compliance with discharge regulations. While conventional separation and water treatment trains are effective, they are often large and heavy, can consume a lot of chemicals, and may create large volumes … » Read More

Supply chain volatility and unplanned outages: what you need to know and how SAMCO can help

Unplanned downtime has always been a costly issue for industrial facilities, but current supply chain disruptions threaten to make the problem worse. In an era of uncertainty stemming from extended lead times and limited supply, manufacturers will need additional foresight to maintain their spare parts and supply inventories. Here, we’ll take a look at the … » Read More

MFCs and the Future of Wastewater Treatment Technology

Emerging technologies that enhance the sustainability or cost-effectiveness of current wastewater treatment technologies often grab their fair share of headlines—and for good reason. For those of us concerned with wastewater treatment, the need to make more efficient use of water and energy resources is quickly becoming a top priority. One of such promising innovations is … » Read More

How to Remove Mercury From Your Industrial Water and Wastewater

Mercury (Hg) is a well-known heavy metal that both occurs naturally and can be introduced to air and water through human activity. With its high toxicity, mercury has been the subject of stringent restrictions surrounding its use and disposal since the 1960s. Industrial facilities that deal with mercury, such as those within the chlor-alkali and … » Read More